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Make Money by Recruiting Restaurants

RDC Independent Consultants (“RDC IC”) earns money by recruiting restaurants to the program. We train the RDC IC at no cost. Simply speak with the restaurant owner or manager and explain the benefits of the marketing program. If the restaurant agrees to join the program, the RDC IC earns up to $165 depending on the restaurant (such as the qualifying certificate offered). If the RDC IC is unable to get the owner to agree to join the program, he can still earn money by referring the restaurant information to’s home office. If successfully recruits the restaurant to the program, the RDC IC earns $35 for the referral. There is no limit on your earnings. Sign up 10 restaurants, and you earn $1500, refer 10 restaurants (which sign’s up), and you earn $350.
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Signing Up or Referring a Restaurant is Easy

Under the Signup tab, click on submit or refer a restaurant, fill in the information required, including Name and location of the restaurant, person who agreed to the program and their contact information, hours of operation, and the certificate(s) the restaurant will be offering (e.g. , $25, $15, $10, depending upon entrée prices), and certification of either a completed sign up or a referral.
All restaurant referrals and submission must be received within 5 days or contact/agreement.
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100% Free Training – Zero Cost to Become an RDC IC will provide you with an individualized training complete with, a detailed script, instructive videos, and a personal contact by phone with a leader.
We will teach you to succeed at selling at absolutely no cost to you.

Make Money by Selling cards to Businesses

RDC ICs have another, independent way to make money, by selling cards to businesses. Businesses use our cards to attract new customers or incentivize existing ones. The RDC IC earns 20% commission on the sale of Cards.
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Other Business Details

For further details of how and when you get paid, use of the logo, discussions with media, who and how to contact a leader by phone or email.
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