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What is is the trusted and valued source connecting diners, restaurants, businesses and Communities since 1999. The company offers savings at over 22,000 restaurants nationwide with more than 500,000 certificate options. The Independent Consultant program offers thousands of self-employment opportunities to individuals that want to earn money while helping expand to more restaurants, businesses and communities nationwide. is a pioneer in the restaurant deal space and is headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL.

Independent Consultants earn money by:

Independent Consultants are responsible for reaching out and presenting the program to decision makers at the restaurant, and getting the managements authority to be featured on If the IC is unable to get the restaurant to agree to the program, they can submit a restaurant referral to to finalize the sale process.

How do Independent Consultants get paid?

There are two different ways to earn money as an Independent Consultant. If you complete the signup process with the restaurant, and get them to authorize the program you can earn up to $165 depending on the restaurant (such as the qualifying certificate offered). You can also simply send us a restaurant referral (with required information), and earn $35. Independent Consultants will receive their commission on a bi-weekly basis, on the 15th and 30th of every month. encourages Independent Consultants to sign up for ACH in order to receive their payments via direct deposit. A check also can be issued and mailed with a $3 shipping and handling fee applied.

How are payments structured?

On the 15th of every month, you will be paid for any business conducted in the last two weeks of the previous month. On the 30th of every month, you will be paid for any business conducted on the first two weeks of that month.

Is there a cost to become an Independent Consultant?

No, there is no cost to become an Independent Consultant.

If someone has already contacted the restaurant I called, what should I do?

If another representative from has reached out, but has not closed the sale, you may still pursue the restaurant.

Can I use the logo?

Yes, you are permitted to use the logo according to the brand guidelines found in the Marketing Guidelines document at

Can I speak to the media on behalf of

Please do not speak to the media on behalf of As an Independent Consultant, you represent yourself and your own business, but are not a representative of the corporate office. If you are contacted by the media, please refer them to

If I have a question and want to speak to someone at, who should I contact?

Send an email to

If a restaurant wants to speak to someone at, who should they contact?

They can contact out Partner Support team Monday- Friday 9-5 CTS (877) 640-1844 or email

What restaurants can I speak to and what businesses are off limits? typically works with small independently owned restaurants that are able to make their own marketing decisions. Any corporate restaurants will need approval from their corporate office. reserves the right to reject any submissions or referrals for any reason.

What qualifies as new restaurant and how can I make sure I get credit?

Any restaurant that is currently not on is a new restaurant. All restaurants participating in the program must have an establishment that is open to the general public.

How do I submit/refer a restaurant?
Under the Signup tab, click on submit or refer a restaurant, provide all required fields. All restaurant referrals or submission must be received within 5 days of contact.

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